KMAC Environment Services

Tancleaning (Tank cleaning)


In the first stage of our Unique Drinking Water Tank Cleaning Concept- TANK CLEAN, we use German High Pressure Cleaning Machines, which produces a jet of water at a very high pressure, for cleaning the walls, flooring and ceiling of the tank thoroughly. But before this we thoroughly clean the exterior portion of the drinking water tank including the manhole, this ensures that the dirt outside the tank does not go in again after the cleaning is completed. The pressure of this machine is so effective that there is not even a slightest trace of any algae, moss or dirt clinging to the walls, flooring or ceiling of the tank.

In the second stage of cleaning, we spray the tank using the same high-pressure machine with our specially developed anti-bacterial sterilizing agents. These agents have a proven broad-spectrum anti-bacterial action and are effective against a very wide range of micro-organisms including RNA virus. This agent is thoroughly tested and proven to be non-toxic to Primary Skin, Mucus Membrane, Oral and Gastrointestinal tract at recommended dosage of use.        

After allowing the anti-bacterial agents to impart its full effect on the disease causing bacteria in the tank, it is then ready to make totally clean and dry using a special Industrial Vacuum Pump. In the third and last stage of sterilization of the tank from inside, we use our unique specially designed Ultra Violet Radiator, which kills any further floating or suspended bacteria that might have remained in the tank. 


STAGE 1: Cleaning of surrounding & mechanized dewatering

Thorough removal of dirt mud and algae from the manhole and its surroundings. A submersible pump is used to drain the tank of excess water.

STAGE 2: Sludge Removal

The dirty water and sludge is removed using a special sludge pump. This is a very tedious and laborious process if done manually.

STAGE 3: High pressure water Jet Cleaning

Cleaning of the walls and ceiling of the tanks with our special high pressure Jet. Special care is taken for cleaning the ceiling, which incidentally has high concentration of germs and bacteria due to the availability of oxygen and dampness arising out of condensation of the water vapor.

STAGE 4Vacuum Cleaning

Once sludge is removed the remaining dirt is vacuumed out using an industrial Vacuum cleaner making the floor absolute dirt free. The sludge is disposed to a safe place.

STAGE 5: Anti-Bacterial Spray

After above steps of cleaning, the tank is treated with an antibacterial spray to make it completely bacteria free and safe for use. The TANCLEAN antibacterial agent is totally safe and 100% biodegradable. It does not form any residue with your tank.

STAGE 6: UV Radiation


The water storage tank is then treated with ultra-violet (UV) radiator to make it bacteria free and safe for storing your drinking water.