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About Us

Kmac Environmental Services is able to offer a full range of solutions to combat the encroachment of unwanted pests and water tanks cleaning. We are experts in Rainwater harvesting Tank Cleaning

Our Services are categorized into main areas:-

  • Pest Controls services
  • Water Tank Cleaning Services & Rainwater Harvesting Tank Cleaning
  • COVID / Corona Disinfectant Spray and Sanitization

Unwanted pest removal is necessary for clean living, also these pest not only are carriers of various diseases may become dangerous to life as well. Cockroach, Termites, Rodents, mosquitoes, Lizards and wood borers, also removal of pest for grain storage.

Eviction of pest is also necessary from carpets, Beds, sofa and other households. We have expanded company operations predominately in the Herds, Beds, and Bucks area. Our company policy is to provide a professional, high-quality and use eco-friendly chemicals approved by WHO and herbal treatments service by motivated staff ensuring both an effective and efficient solution to fit all our customers’ requirements. Our company has been established since 2009. We are member of the British Pest Control Association (an organization leading the way in regulating and enforcing industry standards).

We are team of experts for Water Tank Cleaning and Rainwater harvesting tank cleaning, our team clean them and provide regular assistance in case of any concerns. The tank should first be thoroughly inspected to try to ascertain the cause of any contamination. Chlorination is done with stabilized bleaching powder to make water usable.

Normally gravel, sand, and mesh filter is designed and placed on top of the storage tank. It removes silt, dust, leaves, and other organic matter from entering the storage tank. Still some organic material enter the tank.

So Rainwater harvesting tanks are also subject to cleaning at regular basis.

In this COVID Era we prompt and expanded our service area to Spray the disinfectant and sanitize the establishments.

We Spray Corona disinfectant sanitization places that incudes Home, Apartments, Shops, Stores, Restaurants, Malls, Cineplex, and Schools, etc.

We provide service for a large variety of organizations both in the private and public sectors all of which have differing needs.

All the above services are reachable for residential, commercial, high rise apartments, Mall, restaurants Schools, Hotels and Government offices etc.

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